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Food Recipes

Focaccia recipes offer a taste of Italy at home

Focaccia takes its name from the Latin “panis focacius,” or “hearth bread”: A lightly yeasted flat bread baked on coals or a hearth to create a filling accompaniment to dip into soups, stews, olive oil or vinegars.  

It is thought to have originated with either the Etruscans or ancient Greeks at the beginning of the first millennium BC, but is now widely associated with the Ligurian (Genoa) cuisine of Italy. As the Romans expanded their empire they took the idea of focaccia with them to France and Spain and from there it spread around the world, with each culture putting

International Food

3 Gatos Brewery aims to give West Michigan a taste of international food, beer

WYOMING — Linus and Renata De Paoli left their corporate lives working as engineers in Germany and have opened a new brewery to introduce a range of international food and beer culture to West Michigan.

The De Paolis moved to West Michigan in December 2020 to open 3 Gatos Brewery LLC in the former Kitzingen Brewery located at 1760 44th St. SW in Wyoming. The couple both worked at Ford Motor Co. in their home country of Brazil and were transferred to Germany before they changed career paths.

Owner Linus De Paoli started taking brewing classes in Germany shortly before

Healthy Food

Kenya: Nairobi Launch of Great Taste & Healthy Eating. Pairing Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Food.

The world today is shifting towards sustainable, organic, and healthy foods with Consumers today becoming more aware of what they eat and moving towards more natural, organic, and minimally processed foods. A healthful diet means a reduced risk of various diseases and health conditions, improved mood, and better memory.

Media personalities, Food bloggers, social media influencers and content creators were treated to a scrumptious good tasting at The View Mövenpick, the 360-degree Revolving Restaurant hosted by Upfield. It marked the official launch of Altis Extra Virgin Olive Oil where the invited guests were taken through a unique Greek dining experience

Japanese Food

A taste of authentic Japanese cuisine, flavors in Houston

HOUSTON – While the world’s biggest sporting event is taking place thousands of miles away, many Houstonians can appreciate Japanese cuisine in the heart of Houston, in fact, right in River Oaks.

Shun Japanese Kitchen is home to many authentic Japanese flavors and values. The chef, Naoki Yoshida or Nao-san, said his goal with his restaurant is to highlight the beauty and flavors of Japanese cuisine. From the design of the restaurant to the ways he innovates the menu, Shun Japanese Kitchen is as fresh as it gets!

Touches of Tokyo line the walls and ceiling of Shun, a restaurant