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Report shares highlights of World Food Safety Day

More than 300 events were held in 90 countries promoting the third World Food Safety Day, according to a new report.

International organizations, governments, businesses, non-governmental organizations, academics and individuals organized the mainly virtual meetings to mark the day promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

The theme of the annual day on June 7 was “Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow.” The COVID-19 pandemic meant, for a second time, that many observances were online. The idea for such a day was raised at a session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission in 2016 and adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2018.

Overall, there were 4,050 World Food Safety Day tweets, 6,403 retweets, 3,114 likes and 681 replies from 4,194 Twitter accounts in 2021. According to Facebook, 24,000 people posted about the day.

Pre-and post WFSD action
A campaign was launched in February with a live broadcast on YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn, featuring stories from around the world. A guide to World Food Safety Day was published a month later in six languages.

The International Food Safety Authorities Network (INFOSAN) hosted three webinars at the end of April.

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Cashion shares healthy eating habits through EFNEP | Community

BANNER ELK — Avery County residents are going green—on their dinner plates, that is.

Melanie Cashion, who is known across the county as the “food lady,” is helping individuals and families across the local area eat better and live healthier lives through the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program.

EFNEP is a federally funded program through the Avery County Agriculture Extension Service which teaches new skills to families, individuals and communities to help them overcome barriers to healthy eating and physical activity.

Through teaching a series of 10 classes, Cashion is tasked with going into schools, civic organizations and homes to educate individuals and families on healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices, such as preparing and eating more meals at home, making healthy food and drink choices, increasing physical activity and limiting TV time.

When going out to the community and sharing the benefits of EFNEP to clubs like the Rotary Club of Avery County, Cashion enthusiastically shares the positive impact the program has made on the lives of children and adults alike, with the latter being the group that Cashion is especially passionate about.

“In one class, it was a group of young, pregnant mothers. One mother did not

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