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As a Plus-Size Woman, Here’s How I Protect My Mental Health From Diet Culture

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Hi there.

Welcome to my diary, friend.

No, you won’t hear a peep about my sex life. You won’t be entering a catalogue of my weird, petty obsessions. You will, however, find something that might make you feel a lot better as you move through the world. My name is Virgie, and I’ve worked in body positivity as a plus-size woman for almost a decade, helping to educate people on the harmful long-term effects of weight-based discrimination and to recover from body shame. I’ve written books and essays, and I host a podcast and lecture all over the country on these topics.

As you may know without expert-me telling you, living in our diet-obsessed culture can be brutal if you’re fat (also if you’re not, but it’s way worse if you’re fat, a woman, and especially a BIPOC woman, as I am). The world (everyone from “experts” on TV to random Internet trolls) feels free to criticize my body, treat me like a tax liability, make presumptions about how I eat and live and refuse me medical care because of bias about my weight. But I learned many years ago that my body is not a problem and

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seven priorities to end hunger and protect the planet

The world’s food system is in disarray. One in ten people is undernourished. One in four is overweight. More than one-third of the world’s population cannot afford a healthy diet. Food supplies are disrupted by heatwaves, floods, droughts and wars. The number of people going hungry in 2020 was 15% higher than in 2019, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and armed conflicts1.

Our planetary habitat suffers, too. The food sector emits about 30% of the world’s greenhouse gases. Expanding cropland, pastures and tree plantations drive two-thirds of the loss in forests (5.5 million hectares per year), mostly in the tropics2. Poor farming practices degrade soils, pollute and deplete water supplies and lower biodiversity.

As these interlinkages become clear, approaches to food are shifting — away from production, consumption and value chains towards safety, networks and complexity. Recent crises around global warming and COVID-19 have compounded concerns. Policymakers have taken note.

In September, the United Nations secretary-general, António Guterres, will convene a Food Systems Summit. This is only the sixth UN summit on food since 1943, and the first with heads of states in the UN General Assembly. A group of leading scientists, known as the Scientific

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