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International Conference on Food Loss and Waste to be held in Jinan from Sept. 9 to 11

Food loss and waste has been identified as a shared challenge of the international community. While seeking solutions to this issue, the world continues to suffer from the impact of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic and faces frequent extreme natural disasters caused by climate change. In this context, the holding of an international conference on food loss and waste was proposed.

According to Li Meng, vice governor of Shandong province, the conference will be held both online and on site, with an on-site visit activity held in the morning of September 10 and the opening ceremony of the conference held

Fat Free Food

Weight loss alert: Seven food combinations to burn fat, beat bloating and boost metabolism

Weight loss is not an easy process, but one that can be achieved by being consistent. Dietitian Vidhi Chawla says that in order to lose weight successfully, one has to exercise and eat proper food every day.

“There are certain food combinations that can help you burn fat, beat bloating and boost metabolism. Do not skip your breakfast; it may cause you to not consume adequate amounts of fibre and nutrients. It can also increase bouts of acidity,” she advises.

The dietitian lists some food combinations that may work magic to lose weight. Read on.

1. Egg and bell pepper:

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Weight Loss: 5 Delicious No-Oil Non-Vegetarian Recipes

Weight Loss: Just because you are on a weight loss diet it doesn’t mean you have to be deprived of tasty food. Eating boiled chicken and vegetables can get boring and it can make you more likely to cheat with fatty foods like butter chicken and malai tikka. It is necessary to have good food because it keeps us motivated and happy. But good food doesn’t always mean it is unhealthy or it will lead to weight gain. We have curated a list of yummy non-vegetarian dishes that will make you smack your lips without worrying about your hips!