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Deliverect announces the first annual “International Food Delivery Day” to celebrate the hospitality industry

This new holiday recognises those who have made food delivery possible — before, during and after COVID-19

GHENT, Belgium, Sept. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On the 8 September, Deliverect, a scale-up that connects UberEats, Deliveroo, Just Eat, Takeaway.com, and more delivery companies directly to restaurants by POS system, is celebrating the first annual International Food Delivery Day (IFDD) in collaboration with its customers. This new holiday honours the restaurateurs, staff, chefs and delivery drivers, along with Deliverect’s extended ecosystem of partners, who make food delivery possible.

Whether a restaurant worker, driver, owner, vendor or customer — this day shines light on everyone who continues to support the restaurant industry, especially through the COVID-19 pandemic. To celebrate, Deliverect will be hosting events in major cities around the world, featuring giveaways, special menu items, music and more.

When relying so heavily on an online service, it is easy to forget those behind the scenes who make it all possible. Deliverect is marking this day by recognising everyone who works hard to make sure individuals all over the world can enjoy a delicious meal, anywhere, any time.

During the pandemic, food delivery saw a 79% increase in online orders in the

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Experts Predict This Fall’s Top Beverage Industry Trends

The last year has completely upended the drinks industry. Bars crumbled in favor of at-home drinking. Consumers drank more, or not at all, fueling a wave of non-alcoholic options. Hard seltzer rose, then fell, then paved the way for a whole slew creative RTDs. Sustainability continued to become a larger and larger part of the conversation, while a proliferation of online ordering options made it easier than ever to order booze.

So what’s to come? Experts predict the top beverage industry trends of the season, from what’s next for RTD to a big moment for classic cocktails.

Agave Spirits

“One of the greatest success stories over the past few years has been the explosion of tequila and mezcal,” says Zach Kameron, the beverage director of Peak in Hudson Yards. “The tequila you are getting today is incredibly better than the tequila you were getting 10 years ago, so as the market is maturing people are looking for higher quality products that have a high purity of expression.” He notes that Peak recently received new releases of Clase Azul—the bottles sold out before ever hitting menu. “That sort of engagement

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