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8 Top Food & Beverage Made In Italy That Export Globally

The growth of the Italian food and beverage sector is mainly due to Italian food exports, for which the USA is one of the main markets, according to Ivano Vacondio, President of Italian F&B industries association Federalimentare.1

Despite ongoing restrictions and delays due to COVID-19, Italian exports continue to supply Americans and consumers around the globe with high-quality Italian ingredients, processed food, and alcohol. Italian food & beverage exports reached a value of 17329.9 million euros in the first half of 2020, a growth of 2.6% compared to the first half of 2019.2 In this article, we’re going to discuss the top 8 food and beverages made in Italy that are shipped around the world, from Italian sparkling wine to pistachios and olives. Get ready to taste your way around this beautiful part of the Mediterranean.

How Italian food & beverage exports drive Italian economy

Italian food exports play an important role in the manufacturing industry and are the third most valuable sector to the Italian economy. Italy is a Mediterranean country with a warm, consistent climate and rich fertile soils. It has an abundance of high-quality fruit and vegetables ready to export in bulk overseas.

Geographically, Italy

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Extreme climate events increase risk of global food insecurity and adaptation needs

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    IFPRI: Food and Beverage Companies Largest Culprits in Environmental Damage

    Gilbert Ekugbe

    The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has stated that of the $75 billion in estimated annual environmental damage due to plastics, food and beverage companies are the largest culprits, responsible for 23 per cent of the cost.

    IFPRI in a statement on its website added that the global food system also has a plastic problem, maintaining that macro and micro-plastic pollution is contaminating aquatic and agricultural ecosystems threatening food security.

    According to IFPRI, plastics are entering food chains, threatening both animal and human health. The report stated that to curb these problems, policies that limit a particularly dangerous trend such as the rise in single-use plastic production and distribution; encouraging more nutritious and ecological alternatives to throwaway items must be a central component of a healthy and resilient food system.

    “Plastics play an important role in many industries, from medicine to construction.

    But more than one third of annual plastic production is, by definition, expendable: Cheap, single-use plastics that are used once and then thrown away,” IFPRI said.

    IFPRI added: “Seventy nine percent of disposable plastics end up in landfills or in our natural environments; 12 per cent are burnt. Only 9 per cent of plastic waste

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    Kenzi Hibachi Express to open in Pekin with Japanese food

    Kenzie Yasa, 8, proudly displays the artwork on the side of his dad Ikomang Kembaryasa's food truck, Kenzi Hibachi Express, at its permanent location at 3324 Court St. in Pekin. The new food truck is named after Kenzie with a slight spelling change.

    Kenzi Hibachi Express is coming to Pekin at least partially as a result of a Google search on the part of the restaurant’s co-owners.

    When Ikomang Kembaryasa and his wife, Niwayan K.S. Utari, decided to relocate from Rockford and open a Japanese restaurant, they were searching for a community where they could break new ground. They chose Pekin because it was a community where they could be the first to offer Japanese cuisine.

    “I was searching for places that don’t have a lot of Asian food,” said Kembaryasa. “When Pekin came up, we saw they don’t have any Japanese restaurants here.”

    More:It’s all about street food at Peoria’s new food stand, Grill ‘Em All

    The working space of Kenzi Hibachi Express is nearly ready to go with new appliances and kitchen supplies.

    Kembaryasa, a chef with 15 years of experience, developed his craft working at a Japanese restaurant in Wisconsin before deciding to go into business for himself. Kenzi will feature the cuisine typical of a Japanese steakhouse — including steak, shrimp, scallops, salmon and noodle dishes — but will offer it from a mobile kitchen rather than cooking it tableside in a sit-down restaurant.

    “It’s a hibachi restaurant without the show,” Kembaryasa said. “Hopefully, the community will welcome us and come and try our food.”


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