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Fat Free Food

Fat Free Milk: Your nutritious source to a hale and hearty life

Fat Free Milk: Your nutritious source to a hale and hearty life
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Fat Free Milk: Your nutritious source to a hale and hearty life

In a world where we are dealing with a situation like the Covid-19 pandemic, it becomes crucial to ensure utmost care for our body and mental health. The four walls around us can get daunting at times while we continue working from home and attending online classes. To resist the same, it becomes imperative to stay calm, healthy and integrate physical activities in our daily life. The long hours at home might tempt you to indulge in consuming junk food which will really not

Fat Free Food

Cell-Cultured Meat Meets Animal-Free Fermented Fat In First-Of-A-Kind Collaboration To Find More Sustainable Alt-Proteins For The Consumers Of Tomorrow

Recognizing the thriving demand for proteins and the need to provide sustainable food sources for a growing population, food tech startups and food scientists continue to explore the potential of new technologies to make alt-protein, the food of the future. 

 Sydney cell-cultured meat company Vow is pioneering the alt-meat space by building up an archive of cell ingredients across the reptilian, mammalian and avian realm: ”We have over a dozen species that we’ve grown and stored in our cell library.”  said

Fat Free Food

Weight loss alert: Seven food combinations to burn fat, beat bloating and boost metabolism

Weight loss is not an easy process, but one that can be achieved by being consistent. Dietitian Vidhi Chawla says that in order to lose weight successfully, one has to exercise and eat proper food every day.

“There are certain food combinations that can help you burn fat, beat bloating and boost metabolism. Do not skip your breakfast; it may cause you to not consume adequate amounts of fibre and nutrients. It can also increase bouts of acidity,” she advises.

The dietitian lists some food combinations that may work magic to lose weight. Read on.

1. Egg and bell pepper:

Fat Free Food

The Future is Fat: The Startups Looking to Fatten up Vegan Food – vegconomist

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Research shows vast swathes of the global population are turning to plant-based for a healthier diet, with vegan food associated with a wide array of health benefits. On the other hand, however, researchers have concluded that many consumers simply find processed animal-based foods too tasty to give up. 

According to Phil Morle from plant-based industry investor Main Sequence; to “unlock the mysteries of fats and create animal-free fats” is “essential for the future of the industry”. Fat holds the key to flavour, and creating viable, healthy and tasty vegan fats is the latest innovation frontier.


Fat Free Food

Low Fat Food for Dogs with Gastrointestinal Issues

Fish, Potato & Pea complete wet food

London, August 2021; Pooch & Mutt premium British health food brand (whose products happen to be consumed by dogs), has introduced a new addition to its grain-free wet dog food range, targeted at those with sensitive digestion and gastrointestinal disease.

Fish, Potato & Pea is the newest flavour launched by the brand to cater to dogs that are overweight or suffer from gastrointestinal disorders such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease or those that are prone to pancreatitis.

Historically, low-fat diets have often contained sub-par ingredients and low levels of protein. Pooch & Mutt have launched vet-approved low-fat wet dog food made

Fat Free Food

Vow and Nourish team up to make cell-based meat with animal-free fat

Dive Brief:

  • Cell-based meat company Vow is partnering with Nourish Ingredients, a company that makes animal fats through precision fermentation. The two Australian companies will blend their products together, adding fats to cell-based meat so the end product more accurately reflects the taste and mouthfeel of meat from an animal.
  • Vow co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer Tim Noakesmith said in a written statement that fat is “part of what makes meat irresistible,” and it has been missing from many alternative proteins. “We’re committed to including a fat profile in our food that outperforms even the best animal fats we eat