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14 Easy Dessert Recipes With Just 3 Ingredients – Brit + Co

When it comes to dessert recipes, sometimes you just want something nice and simple to satisfy your sweet tooth. Yums like chocolate chip cookies or lemon lavender ice cream can be fun, but they often require a packed pantry full of ingredients and mix-ins. These drool-worthy recipes are made with just three (that’s right, THREE) ingredients or less. Whip up one of these sweet treats next time you’re in a pinch to quell a sugar craving.

No-Bake Bonbons Easy Dessert

Cream, butter, and chocolate chips form the base of the truffles. If

Food Recipes

15 Easy Tomato Recipes – The New York Times

Perhaps you’ve already excitedly made gazpacho and pico de gallo and maybe even prepared a batch of red sauce for the freezer, but those perfectly ripe (and fresh) summer tomatoes at the market sure are tempting. So you lug home another few pounds of them, unable to resist but without a plan. Good news: New York Times Cooking has plenty. Below are more than a dozen recipes that put the quintessential fruit of the season front and center, so you won’t have regretted following their call.

The nostalgia of eating a juicy tomato, sliced and tucked between slices of mayo-slathered

Food Recipes

Easy Dinner Recipes (Without Having to Cook Anything)

Summer’s bounty is so vibrant and delicious on its own, it’s easy and enjoyable to forgo cooking by making the season’s produce the star of a dish. For a meal that’s as satisfying as one that you’ve spent all day cooking, focus on smart shopping and artful assembly. Here’s the formula to commit to memory: Select at least one variety of ripe raw fruit or vegetable, a prepared protein, a starch and seasonings, then combine them into a big salad, a generously topped toast, a hearty dip or an abundant snack tray.

By keeping just one or two

Food Recipes

Easy Grilled Chicken Recipes – The New York Times

Chicken is easily the most searched for ingredient on New York Times Cooking, and it stands to reason: It’s economical, it’s widely available, it’s better for the climate than other meats. And it’s endlessly adaptable, a blank canvas for all sorts of preparations and vibrant, delicious seasonings. In the cold weather months, that means cozy soups, braises and burnished roasts. But in the summer, grilling becomes the method of choice, as it gets you out of a hot kitchen, and adds a layer of fire-kissed flavor and texture to the otherwise mild-mannered meat. You can always salt the dickens out

Japanese Food

Some ridiculously easy to make Japanese dishes

How about some Japanese food to really keep us in the Olympic vibe. Instead of ordering a pizza or a burger and a pint in a pub, why not impress the pals by whipping up a few super easy Japanese dishes from the host country for your socially-distanced viewing party or get-together.

Most of us would be hard-pressed to name more than two or three Japanese dishes… sushi immediately comes to mind but understandably many feel intimidated to even attempt to make sushi rolls. But scattered sushi, the most ancient form of sushi, is ridiculously easy to make and really …

Food Recipes

7 Easy Roll Recipes To Prepare On A Lazy Weeknight

On some days, you have the zeal to whip up a lavish feast, but on other days, you barely manage the motivation to make the simple dal chawal. And more than often, these dal chawal nights are the weeknights. After a full day of work, we really don’t have the luxury to choose between an easy meal or a delicious one and automatically end up choosing the former. Now, what if we told you that not every quick dish asks you to make those sacrifices and that you can actually make a weeknight meal that is oh-so-easy, tastes divine, but

Food Recipes

43 Easy Healthy Appetizers – Best Healthy Finger Food Recipes

If you’re in charge of making the appetizers for dinner this week, or you signed up to bring finger foods for a party or holiday dinner you’re attending, you’re going to need some ideas. You could choose to bring plain old chips and store-bought salsa, but why not switch it up and opt for some healthy appetizers? And before you shake your head, healthy doesn’t have to equate to boring. There are so many ways to eat healthy while still bringing in robust flavors.

The most important part of cooking appetizers is making sure they’re filling enough to tide your