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Japanese Food

The Delicious History of Pocky Sticks

Japan is a food hub with a wide array of delicacies, including sushi, ramen, and onigiri. Yet, its snack game shouldn’t be overlooked, as the country is also home to mouthwatering candies, cakes, and cookies that you can’t often find anywhere else. But there is one Japanese snack that has become a global phenomenon, and that’s Pocky.

The beginnings of Pocky

First introduced in 1966 by the Japanese food manufacturer Ezaki Glico Co., Pocky snacks are thin, chocolate-dipped cookies that are shaped like sticks. According to the brand, the name (pronounced like rocky, but with a p

Food Recipes

16 Delicious Vegan Comfort Food Recipes

Thinking about starting Meatless Mondays (or going entirely plant-based)? Vegan diets full of plant-based nutrients can boost your mood, lower your blood sugar, and may even prevent certain cancers. They are also getting way more delicious as veganism goes mainstream, with creative recipes that rival any omnivore delight. Whether you’re eating vegan a couple days a week or fully committing to the lifestyle, these savory and sweet recipes will inspire you to get creative in the kitchen while satisfying your comfort food cravings. Enjoy!

Vegan Baked Ziti

Easy Baked Vegan Ziti

This simple, streamlined baked ziti (or rigatoni, or whichever pasta you use)

Food Recipes

Weight Loss: 5 Delicious No-Oil Non-Vegetarian Recipes

Weight Loss: Just because you are on a weight loss diet it doesn’t mean you have to be deprived of tasty food. Eating boiled chicken and vegetables can get boring and it can make you more likely to cheat with fatty foods like butter chicken and malai tikka. It is necessary to have good food because it keeps us motivated and happy. But good food doesn’t always mean it is unhealthy or it will lead to weight gain. We have curated a list of yummy non-vegetarian dishes that will make you smack your lips without worrying about your hips!


Food Recipes

Quick Recipes: Make Delicious North Indian Breakfast Meals In Just 30 Minutes

On most days, we are living our lives in the fast lane. We are always up to some work or activity, often multitasking or jumping between places. In such a routine, cooking and having meals can become a cumbersome task when other scheduled activities close in on us. Mornings can get especially hectic and working from home doesn’t reduce the time constraint we face in the kitchen every morning. In the mornings, we want to cook something filling and tasty but often get bogged down by the time it takes to cook elaborate breakfast platters. But we have a few