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3 Vegetarian Recipes That Changed My Cooking

A few weeks ago, a friend sent me the cutest photo of her sweet, pudgy-cheeked baby eating a bit of kale-sauce pasta. The baby was in a high chair, grinning before the wreckage of her dinner — green sauce on her face and hands, bits of pasta up to her elbows. Now that baby knows how to enjoy her food, I thought with admiration.

A bunch of just-boiled greens, still hot and dripping wet, puréed with a little fried garlic, grated cheese and olive oil becomes such a crowd pleaser when you toss it with pasta. You can even

Food Recipes

The Worst ‘Cooking With Paris’ Recipe: I Made Unicornoli

To truly commune with Paris Hilton and better understand her show, I wanted to cook along to what stood out by far as her worst-looking recipe.
Photo: Netflix

Here is a list of words that the 40-year-old human with a cooking show Paris Hilton doesn’t know. Or — and this is more likely — a list of words she pretends she doesn’t know for the sake of an extended character bit:


On her six-episode Netflix reality series Cooking With Paris, Hilton wears her aughties Simple Life performance like an extremely loose glove that’s

Food Recipes

I made the recipes from Paris Hilton’s Netflix show ‘Cooking with Paris’

I’m standing in my tiny kitchen with blue slime all over my hands watching Paris Hilton strut around on screen in her much larger kitchen. She’s wearing couture — an extravagant pink dress with a huge bow on the bum — and I’m wearing Madewell, but we’re both in the same predicament. 

“My sliv gloves!” she moans, trying in vain to scrub neon-colored marshmallow off her pink lacy fingerless gloves (“sliv” is short for “sliving,” Hilton’s newest catchphrase that is a combination of “slaying” and “living your best life”). 

This is “Cooking with Paris,” the celebrity heiress’s latest endeavor: a

Japanese Food

Adam Liaw’s unauthorised guide to Japanese home cooking

Has the Tokyo Olympics had you dreaming of sporting excellence and a Japanese holiday, only to have you come crashing back to the reality that you’re unlikely to win gold in the pool, or even travel interstate, let alone overseas, any time in the foreseeable future?

Even a night out at a Japanese restaurant can run anywhere from hard to get, to downright illegal, depending on what state you live in.

Your best bet, my friends, is to bring Japanese cuisine into your own kitchen.

Let me start by saying that I didn’t grow up eating Japanese food.

I probably