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The carbon footprint of trending food and drink

Oranges in box in front of trucks.

Social media is awash with aesthetic snapshots of gourmet dishes, boozy brunches and easy-to-follow recipes. You may even come across pictures of bulk-prepped Tupperware meals, takeaway pizza, a meal deal from your local supermarket or simply a latte in a reusable cup – our obsession with food is clear.

With this love of all things food comes the ever-growing conversation of the environment, the reasons why we should source food closer to home, and learning how to make the most climate-conscious decisions. With 25% of greenhouse gas emissions coming from food, we wanted to investigate the real impact of the top trending food and drinks of the moment.

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Using My Emissions Food Carbon Footprint Calculator, our research analysed the ingredients of the top trending food, drinks and recipes on Instagram and TikTok to reveal which ones are the most eco-friendly and which ones are contributing to greenhouse gas emissions the most. By calculating how many grams of carbon dioxide equivalent (gCO2e) each meal produces, we were then able to reveal the highest and lowest emitters. For

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Reforestation hopes threaten global food security, Oxfam warns | Carbon offsetting

Governments and businesses hoping to plant trees and restore forests in order to reach net-zero emissions must sharply limit such efforts to avoid driving up food prices in the developing world, the charity Oxfam has warned.

Planting trees has been mooted as one of the key ways of tackling the climate crisis, but the amount of land needed for such forests would be vast, and planting even a fraction of the area needed to offset global greenhouse gas emissions would encroach on the land needed for crops to feed a growing population, according to a report entitled Tightening the net: Net zero climate targets implications for land and food equity.

At least 1.6bn hectares – an area five times the size of India, equivalent to all the land now farmed on the planet – would be required to reach net zero for the planet by 2050 via tree-planting alone. While no one is suggesting planting trees to that extent, the report’s authors said it gave an idea of the scale of planting required, and how limited offsetting should be if food price rises are to be avoided.

Nafkote Dabi, climate policy lead at Oxfam and co-author of the report,

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