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  • GROW San Mateo and Samaritan House Food Pharmacy provide healthy food | Local News

    GROW San Mateo formed as a collective project to provide free healthy food to promote a healthier lifestyle and educate people on the importance of fresh produce. Bill Schildknecht started the GROW San Mateo project in March of 2019 for a collection of local gardeners grow and donate fresh produce. He learned about the Samaritan […]

  • Ditch The Antacid And Naturally Strengthen Your Digestive System With Expert Guidelines

    Poor digestion: Healthy eating habits can help you improve digestive health Highlights Add enough prebiotics and probiotics to your diet for a healthy gut Drink enough water throughout the day Chew your food properly for better digestion Eating a good diet isn’t enough if the digestive system isn’t functioning to break down the nutrients and […]

  • Saraga international grocery brings together Hoosiers around food

    Saraga is rooted in everywhere and nowhere at once. The international market is, in some ways, like traveling through a foreign airport. People are constantly in transit, briskly walking or leisurely browsing. One can hear snippets of conversations in French or Burmese or any number of other languages as they walk through the long aisles.  […]

  • A taste of authentic Japanese cuisine, flavors in Houston

    HOUSTON – While the world’s biggest sporting event is taking place thousands of miles away, many Houstonians can appreciate Japanese cuisine in the heart of Houston, in fact, right in River Oaks. Shun Japanese Kitchen is home to many authentic Japanese flavors and values. The chef, Naoki Yoshida or Nao-san, said his goal with his […]

  • Hartalika Teej 2021: Lip-smacking diabetes-friendly dessert recipes you must try

    Hartalika Teej 2021: It’s not easy for people with Diabetes to choose a perfect dessert recipe that satisfies their sweet cravings and can be rustled up in a healthy way. Festival time especially calls for family celebration and it cannot be complete without some sweet treats. But the good thing is that preparation of a […]

  • Dinwiddie Airport hosts inaugural ‘Wings & Wheels’ event Sat. Aug.14.

    DINWIDDIE – Tomorrow, at the Dinwiddie Airport, “Wings & Wheels” rolls in…or should I say flies in.  If you’re looking for a fun event, you’re invited to feast your eyes on some fabulous plane and vehicle exhibits, enjoy delicious local fare, listen to live music, and take a walk through space in a VR tent. It […]

  • 6 Ways to Break Out of a Healthy Food Rut

    Having your go-to meals dialed in can simplify healthy home cooking. Classic combos like grilled chicken over kale salad and roast salmon with broccoli may always be in your rotation, but sometimes, the dinners you could make blindfolded suddenly lose their appeal. You’ve fallen into a healthy food rut, and the boredom is enough to […]