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Fusion Asian Restaurant in Detroit




Serve Korean and Japanese Foods that everyone can enjoy. You can experience Fusion Asian Foods with WASABI restaurant. We hope everyone enjoy and get interest in special Korean and Japanese foods.

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Enjoy Fusion Korean and Japanese Foods in ANYWHERE!

You can order take-out through on-line or phone.

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There are various kinds of Korean traditional foods such as Bibimbab, Dolsot (left picture), Japche, Bulgogi, Maewoon daejikui (right picture) and Kalbi. You can enjoy foods from Korean special soups to Korean entrees made of hot and spicy or Korea barbecue sauce, served with rice.

You can also enjoy Japanese Nigiri Sushi (center picture) and special Rolls in WASABI. We have our own special rolls that we made with special sauce. We have Japanese noodles like Udon and Yakisoba and Japanese Entrees like Salmon Teriyaki, Pork Katsu and Tempura.

You can easily see what we have through the Menu pages.




You can order either online through Eat24 or phone-call during our running times. Click Order Online page which can navigate you to the Eat 24. Or call now (313) 638-1272. We will serve the foods ASAP.


If you want to have a great time with your family or friends in WASABI restaurant, make a reservation! You can make a reservation through the phone call. We will prepare great times in our restaurant.



Check the location easily in Location page through Google map. You can also find the google reviews that other customers left about the food and the restaurant in Reviews page.